Government clarifies on re-opening of Busoga University

Chrysostom Muyingo State Minister for High Education John Chrysostom Muyingo. Courtesy image via

The Ministry of Education and Sports dismissed reports that a decision had been taken to re-open Busoga University.

The University’s provisional license revoked at the 45th Sitting of the National Council for Higher Education held on November 27, 2017, for failing to recruit qualified staff, teaching unaccredited courses, and graduating students who did not meet the requirements.

A transitional committee chaired by Dr. J. C. Muyingo, the Minister of State for Higher Education — was then appointed by President Museveni to guide the Government takeover process.

In a Tuesday statement, the ministry said the committee is finalizing a report that will guide on the way forward.
“The Committee is in advanced stages of concluding a report that will be presented to the Appointing Authority,” reads the statement.

“The General Public is hereby informed that the University remains closed as all parties i.e. Busoga University, National Council for Higher Education and the Ministry of Education and Sports resolve all outstanding issues.”

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