NRM election officials to test for Covid-19, prepare voters’ register in advance of 3rd National Conference

Tanga Odoi

As NRM prepares for the ‘extraordinary meeting of the third national conference’, its District Elections Officers (DEOs) have been asked to go to their District Covid hubs and get tested for Covid-19.

This was revealed in an Aug. 2 statement released by Dr. Tanga Odoi, the chairman of the NRM Electoral Commission (EC).

In the same statement, the chairman tasked the DEOs to generate a clean and updated Voters Register and “immediately send a soft Copy to NRM EC” headquarters.

This is to be done before the aformentioned meeting which is set to take place from August 6-8.

Members of the 3rd National Conference will convene at their respective District Headquarters to, among others, receive names of recommended persons from the National Executive Council who are standing for different positions to the Central Executive Committee.

The said positions are that of National Chairperson, 1st National Vice Chairperson, 2nd National vice-chairperson (female), and six vice-chairpersons representing the Regions of Uganda (Eastern, Central, Northern, Western, Karamoja, and Kampala.)

The Conference will also receive and pass resolutions resolving which persons have been elected to the above offices and also receive the name(s) of the person(s) who have been recommended by the National Executive Council to be elected as the Presidential Candidate for NRM in the 2021 Presidential Elections

The NRM National Executive Council is comprised of the National Chairperson, 1st National Vice Chairperson, 2nd National Vice Chairperson (female), six vice chairpersons representing the regions of Uganda (East, Central, North, West, Kampala & Karamoja) and NRM Members of Parliament/flag-bearers.

Other members on the council are NRM district chairpersons/flag-bearers, municipality mayors/flagbearers, NRM members of East African legislative Assembly (EALA), members of the National Executive Committees of special organs (10), 30 members of NRM Historical Leaders Forum elected by the Forum, not more than 10 eminent persons elected by the Council upon nomination by the Chairperson (yet to be nominated by the National Chairman).


Meanwhile, DEOs have been told that the NRM Electoral Commission will dispatch to them all election materials required to conduct the election, including guidelines, resolutions, polling station demarcation tapes, pens, election official identification tags & DR Forms.

DEOs have also been tasked to liaise with the Movement district chairperson and NRM administrative secretaries to gazette polling stations at the Conference Venue for purposes of the election.

“The Polling Station must be in an open ground and spacious with good air circulation in line with MoH Covid-19 Guidelines,” reads Dr. Odoi’s statement.

The Commission says it will avail guidelines on how elections will be conducted in due course.

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